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TT for those who do not see

A new initiative of the pilot and ACAPO Nuno Matos

In what was considered to be a most striking and rewarding experiences throughout his career, Nuno Matos has provided to a group of more than 20 people with some kind of visual impairment, an unforgettable adventure – and full of sensations – aboard your Astra Racing Proto ...
Entitled "TT for those who do not see", this unusual initiative of Association of ACAPO – visually impaired of Portugal extended over almost the whole morning of the last Sunday in a small rail with near three kilometres long, designed in full city of Coimbra.
In total, there were 36 travel and so many stories to tell and later recalled: "it was, in fact, a somewhat unusual experience, both for me and for each one of the participants, but which I hope to repeat very soon," admits Nuno Matos.
"It's hard to explain the feeling of happiness that I come after the end of this initiative, perhaps even more than a win in any race of the Championship. Were strong moments every trip and that I will never forget ", confirms the pilot of Portalegre, deeply recognized by invitation was directed by ACAPO.
Coming from many different parts of the country, everyone considers this unforgettable day, even the most nervous and anxious when it is time to tighten the belts and leave for a high-speed adventure: "I confess that I was a little inhibited when I first heard the noise of the engine. But as soon as I was the first to be called, there let me go… And just as well, because it was a unique experience, even spectacular. Didn't know what to expect this, but I know that it was all very different than imagined, "said, at the end of your trip, Rosa Esteves, Chairman of the delegation of Coimbra of ACAPO.
"I'd by me again already. Enjoyed it so much that I knew the little ", admits, in turn, Sandra Antunes, as if encouraging his colleagues who waited (im) patiently for their turn to place the helmet and occupy the right of Astra Proto bacquet.
"It is a very tactile and sensory adrenaline more than visual", attempting to summarize Carlos Lopes, current President of the Paralympic athlete ACAPO and also more Portuguese medal winner ever.
"Even at high speed, try to be aware of the sensations that the car to us, for example, when skips or changes direction. In one case or another, everything happens in a very intense and remarkable expertise and experience of the pilot, "added even Carlos Lopes after his debut in racing car. absolute
"After this experience, it was magnificent, now only I lack even more fulfilling a dream, who was guiding myself a car racing on a track of aviation", confessed José Mário, already in a much more relaxed tone than the one with which he began his adventure in that Sunday morning.
"Nuno was very communicative and accessible from the very first moment, leaving me quite comfortable. In such a way that when I returned to the point of departure was quite relaxed, "said while he was interviewed by a journalist.
Anyway, a day of strong emotions and that surely will repeat very soon on any trail of Portugal where there is someone who does not see decided to rely on the expertise of the youngest rider to win a world title in Portuguese of all-terrain.


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