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JH12 Vangest

The Vangest Group developed a dynamic coupé cross-country.

"There is still possible to achieve dreams! This may not be just a buzzword to give encouragement to entrepreneurs embarrassed with the crisis in Portugal.

Carlos Oliveira, passionate All the terrain and a successful businessman, decided to contribute with a bold project to animate a strand of motor sport that runs in your veins

The Vangest is a Portuguese company fully achieved tremendous success at world level. Innovation, quality, prestige and even perhaps some irreverence, made the Group Vangest a reference to huge companies worldwide prestige. Based in Marinha Grande, Vangest manufactures numerous components to the automotive industry worldwide, with the main brands among their customers. Are several specialties seeking cutting-edge engineering of the Portuguese company, where also the main aircraft manufacturers as Embraer, Boeing and Airbus, among others. With more than 26 years of history, the Vangest honors our country around the world also in the medical field, dedicating themselves to the development and constant improvement of a design that is already well-known by everyone.

An introduction too small to try to explain in a few lines what is the Vangest. A Portuguese company of worldwide success created by the brothers Carlos and Victor Oliveira. A fantastic business card to prove how in Portugal can build the future with great quality, huge confidence and infinite devotion.

Built to compete

When passion meets technical knowledge in a natural way, usually are born future projects. The Vangest, used to develop cutting-edge technologies, eventually show a product "Made in Portugal" intended to prove that it is possible to construct with quality and efficiency, a car designed to compete.

Vangest was born in Marinha Grande, with the Vangest technology JH12 and the Grandesign trait. A TT destined to be manned by Carlos Oliveira with navigation to be toggled by his daughters Anna and Rita Oliveira. The pride of a fully working group facing Portuguese technologies of the future.

The Vangest by JH12 is um4x4 tubular chassis Grandesign, Sadev gearbox that rides a BMW 3.0 liter diesel engine, biturbo, capable of 280 horsepower.

Attractive and robust lines, designed by Grandesign, the new TT is ready to compete in the upcoming trials of the Portugal Championship off-road, with Carlos Oliveira to give wings to a dream that can go much further. "


Photos: Sandra Santos – photography



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    Gathering technology and design, the Vangest Group developed a dynamic off road coupé.

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