Tyre Care


Tire care: TOURISM-commercial-4 x 4

The appropriate maintenance of penus is the factor that most directly affect their safety and durability. 
Aspects such as the pressãocorrecta, balancing, rotation or alignment of the Directorate are fundamental to a suitable maintenance.

Rotation:The uniform desgatse of penus in years the axles of the vehicle, contrinbui for road safety.

Wear:A regular desgatse contributes to road safety. Opneu responds properly and the driver has better control of your vehicle.

Pressure:Keep the tires on the appropriate pressure allows for greater road safety, because the tire are properly and the driver has higher response control of your vehicle. Keep the appropriate pressure allows also reduce the CO2 emissãoes through greater fuel savings.

Alignment:Allows you to have greater road safety, driving more comfortable by lowering the effort expended in vehicle manobrilidade. It also reduces CO2 emissions, the convergence/divergence increases 5% consumption in more and reduces tire durability in 10%

External appearance:The eraser with cracks, aged, with cuts etc. of a penus substantially decreases the level of road safety.

Balancing:Reduces the risk of mechanical failure, increases driving comfort and reduces the risk of the penus wear so little uniform.



Keep in cool, dark and dry place. Avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Terms of use:
Fedima competition tyres are produced exclusively for competition. Still that can travel on the road, these are designed with floors and special compounds unsuitable for conventional use.

Tire assembly:
Fedima competition tyres should be fitted by an experienced technician. The rim must be in perfect condition, the bead of the tire should be perfectly adjusted to the rim and any damage must be caused in this area during this operation. The use of specific lubricants mass facilitates adhesion of the bead to rim and consequently the same filling.

Tire pressure:
You should not use your tires with insufficient pressure or with excessive pressure. Any of these options can cause instability in the vehicle while speeding, hangs, or curve, which can lead to accidents. Do not fill any tyre above 40 psi (2.7 bar) and do not circulate with pressure in your tires under 19 psi (1.28). The pressure for your tires will depend on the type of evidence, road conditions and rider's needs.

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