Sustainability and Environmental Impact


The environmental factor and the sustainability of products, companies are increasingly important.
The use of rebuilt tires means creating new values.
Rebuilt tires production allows a substantial cost reduction and resource utilization for a new tire. The major players in the sector of tyres currently develop and invest their own brands of tires recontruídos. Example Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, among others.

The process of reconstruction of tires is environmentally friendly and is considered a good practice in terms of reuse of tires that would otherwise be waste pollutant.

  • Increases tire life cycle.
  • Balances the consumption of natural resources used in the manufacture of new tyres, such as oil, natural rubber, carbon black, as well as high levels of energy involved in this process.
  • Ensures a significant reduction in tire disposal used in the environment.



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